Now on Android!

Unstopaball DX is now available on Android! You can grab it here.

If you'd rather have the iOS-versions, it is still available here.


Brass Monkey

Unstoppaball has just been released on Brass Monkey, a relatively new gaming-portal with a neat twist.

On Brass Monkey you connect your Android- or iPhone via wi-fi, and can then use the phone as controller. In the case of Unstoppaball, you control the Ball by tilting the phone.

Check it out!

(It's based on the free web-version, not the iOS-version, which you can still get here)



Hey guys,

The BecauseWeMay-sale/protest is on, and for the week of May 24th to June 1st Unstoppabll DX is free to download.

Get It now!


Update! Version 1.1 is live

Unstoppaball DX 1.1 is now live. It includes

- Less bugs!
- Better performance!
- Fixed the pointer-bug
- Fixed the broken-crate-bug

To celebrate, the price is down 66% permanently.

Go check it out, it's only a buck.


Got reviewed

The awesome guys from the IndieGameMagazine have the first review on Unstoppaball DX out.
However, the second world revolves around cyberspace and is extremely enjoyable. Cyberspace goes for a black background with colored designs as well as a textured (and colored) surfaces to roll your ball across. The second world also has many more exciting and varied levels.
Go read the whole thing.Link


Hi guys,

Well, this is embarassing. As it turns out there are some issues on iPads with Unstoppaball DX, which were caused by an unforeseen problem during publishing.

I am currently working to fix it, but until it is resolved I cannot pull/block the ipad-version from iTunes.

I suggest using the iPhone-version in the meantime, which works 100% as predicted.

I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.


DX trailer

Just finished the trailer for Unstoppaball DX. Enjoy!

Go play.


Unstoppaball DX

Hi guys,

I've been working on this for some time now, and I guess it's time to announce the sequel/iphone-port of Unstoppaball, Unstoppaball DX.

Aside from a reworked menu-system, loads of bugfixes and improved level-design, it will feature

  • Motion controls, you move your ball by tilting the iDevice
  • Ball-customization, with 36 balls available
  • New soundtrack
  • More achievements

Unstoppaball DX is out soon.


It's a bundle now

Hi guys,

Unstoppaball is now part of the succesful 99%-Bundle, along with 12 other fun indie-games.

The guys over at Indiegamemag have a good write-up of how this came together. Go read.

And it was just reviewed by my favourite journalists from Rock Paper Shotgun. They seem to like it :-)

If you'd like to have some fun and want to support indies, I suggest you give it a look. Also, it's so far the only way to get a standalone-version of Unstoppaball :-)


Unity-Awards 2011

It was just announced that Unstoppaball is a finalist in the Unity-Awards 2011!

This is great. It's going up against some fun high-quality-titles. Let's see how this will turns out :-).

Read the announcement on Gamasutra.

Play here.


Unstoppaball review over at DIYGamer

The amazing folks at DIYGamer have reviewed Unstoppaball in their "browser-pick"-feature, and they seem to like it :-)

Go read.